Foto Friday: Petrucci – I did it!

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A picture is worth a thousand words but the memories of a picture can be even more important. What does a picture mean to you and what does the moment captured mean? For the first in this series we talked with Danilo Petrucci about the moment he won his home Grand Prix. Suddenly the hardships of a career spent coming through the ranks from the Superstock classes to making his MotoGP debut on a CRT machine to becoming a factory rider for Ducati. The journey has been long and winding and Mugello was the crowing moment for him.

For Rob Gray, Polarity Photo, this was also a special moment. Being the only photographer in the area it felt like he was dispruting a very prvate moment for the rider but suddenly Petrucci was surrounded by friends and he could start to celebrate. 

“When I look at these pictures,” recalled Petucci. “I feel a great emotion. I remember during the cooldown lap I kept shouting to myself, ‘I did it.’ That day was a mixture of emotions. Winning in Italy, with an Italian bike it was a life long dream. Maybe it was too much for a first victory! Everything was so big that I couldn’t understand it all.

“It was amazing to see all the people that were there but especially when I stepped on the podium. I’ve said it many times but I don’t have lots of memories of that moment. A crowd like this is something that you dream of seeing at least once in your life. When it materialized in front of my eyes, I couldn’t even really enjoy the view. At that moment, all my life was flashing before my eyes, all the struggles I had to go through. I think that I’ll need to get back there to enjoy it a little bit more!”


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