WorldSBK: When will Redding win?

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Scott Redding is a world class motorcycle racer. His natural ability is beyond question, and now he has the machine underneath him to show the world exactly what he can do. When will Scott Redding win a WorldSBK race? The Ducati Panigale V4 R is the best bike on the grid, Redding has over 200 Grand Prix starts and has experience of Pirelli tyres after a year in British Superbikes, and he knows Jerez like the back of his hand. When you couple this with how well his bike works in hotter temperatures, you have a blueprint for success for the 27-year-old.

Regardless of the party boy, wild child image that he portrays, he is hard working and isn’t afraid to dig deep for success. Redding was bred to compete, and from an early age, was earmarked as a future star. His career hasn’t panned out as he expected, but with a factory Ducati contract he’s now ready to make amends and get back to what he expected to achieve when he shocked the Grand Prix paddock by starting on the front row of the grid on his debut.

“I was the next big thing in the Grand Prix paddock…until I wasn’t,” reflected Redding in 2018. “Looking back to when I won at Donington Park and seeing what’s happened in my career since, I thought it would be a lot better. I thought I’d have one or two titles by now. That was my mindset as a 15-year-old because all I had done was win.”

Since then, his career has stalled. His time in MotoGP™ was disappointing. Whether it was Marc VDS, Pramac Ducati or Aprilia, it never felt that Redding had made the most of his chances. He was talented but was he hard working? He was fast but was he consistent? He was good but was he good enough? Much of racing is about opportunity and circumstances. Redding washed out of MotoGP™ and by the end he was glad to leave. He lost the joy of racing. He needed to find himself again. For years racers become a product of their environments. That never sat well with Redding and it was only when his time with Aprilia was coming to an end that he let his character out.

Whether it was on social media or in interviews, the Englishman was suddenly building an army of fans due to his ‘take no prisoners’ style. He was authentic and a little rough around the edges. He moved to the UK trying to prove himself again. All he wanted was an opportunity. That opportunity came and he grabbed it with both hands. Last year, Redding did exactly what was expected of him; win the BSB title at his first attempt and move up to WorldSBK. This year, the expectation is that Redding will win races and challenge for the title. There’s no reason to believe or expect anything else. He has the tools and the machinery available to do the job and now it’s up to him.

In Australia, Redding took three podiums and said all the right things. He was happy to be back at the front and showing what he can do. He’ll be even happier when he starts winning races again. Winning races, challenging for a world title and living in the more relaxed environment of WorldSBK will suit Redding. He’s a free spirit but not to the detriment of his racing. With the right package underneath him and the right people surrounding him, he can flourish. He’s an experienced rider that had his hands burnt in MotoGP™ and now he’s out to prove to everyone just how good he is. When will Redding win his first WorldSBK race? This weekend at Jerez.

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